Participant feedback from Kate's workshops:

ABOVE: Feedback from teachers from Bold Park Community School

and Rockingham Poetry Slam Workshop participants.

Feedback from high school students, 2016:

“Her poems were moving and motivating, speaking to a person of this generation. She was really involved with the class and taught us some priceless advice on how she overcame her nerves. She performed the poems she wrote, inspiring us with words of feminism and even a metaphorical poem based on stationery! She taught us how writing a few rhyming words on a page can evolve into a poem, and with that, a story. The experience was thoroughly enjoyable and I would love to see some of her work again.”
- Liza Joubert

“I particularly liked the poem about women. I think it created an image in our heads and told us an important message, that women are human and are as equal as everyone else. Overall I enjoyed the class. It made poetry fun.”
Georgia Lockey

“She opened the door and made us realise that poetry can feed our hungry minds that crave for deep, meaningful and motivational poems. Kate performed different poetry about femininity, humanity, and even dreams.”
- Innah Ruz

“The whole class was silent, everyone just sat and listened to her. It was a great experience and we learnt a lot about poetry and got to listen to some really good poems.”
-Megan Du Toit

”…the one that was by far the best was the poem dedicated to all her sisters. It was about how girls and women these days are used and consumed by men and that we believe we aren’t “allowed” to be ourselves and that we have to live up to the standards that the media expects us to be.”
- Ella Stokes

“This incursion inspired me to think twice about how I write and where writing could take me in the future.” 
- Abi Gould

Feedback from workshops for adults:

- Great workshop which has really opened performance poetry to me. I look forward to bringing more self-expression into my work and to really tell a story and engage the audience.

- a great mix of play and learning

- really well prepared and really did present stuff with "it's about you" perspective - often presenters just rabbit on about their own stuff

- excellent exercises to build confidence in speaking in front of other people

- I found Kate's workshop empowering and there was a 'freeing-up' of my voice and expression.

- Thanks Kate, learned heaps. Will improve many aspects of my life.

- Good reminder of inhabiting 'the space'

- welcoming, encouraging and softly brave.

- Need more opportunities like this to safely participate.


  1. Fantastic workshop Rockingham two o one six
    Consonents and voewls we all learned to mix
    Encouraged to prance, to prowl to roar
    Moving arms waving around the floor
    There was no barrier caused by age
    As each individual took the stage
    Mutual respect for the poetic word
    Old and young had a chance to be heard
    Thank you Kate for opening the door
    And helping us Rocko Bogans learn more.

  2. Thank you! What a wonderful review. So grateful for the roaring Rockingham writers who joined the journey!